Work Boats & Equiptment

The vessels provide an excellent platform for offshore as well as inshore salvage operations.

Work Boats

Research and Recovery Vessels


Main Services: Complete Range of Archeological Services Commercial Diving Services Geophysical, Geochemical, Environmental Surveys Submerged Cultural Resource Management Documentation and Evaluation of Cultural Resources Research and Development of Oceanographic Engineering Support Services Instrumentation Deployment, Testing and Recovering Conservation Lab Capabilities Remote Sensing and Operation Surveysl Specializing in Remote Operation Vehicles (ROV) Bathymetric Surveys Forensic Side Scan Sonar Scientific Study Support Commercial Bottom Clearance Surveys Film Team Support Complete Range of Diving and Salvage Operations Marine Surveying and Consulting Multidisciplinary Oceanographic Services


1984 Master Marine Construction fiberglass 35 work/crew boat. Detroit (GM) v6-cylinder diesel turbo after-cooled, 475-hp. Installed is a 34 " fiberglass prop wash device/ mailbox.


2 - 19-foot Boston Whalers with 130hp Honda motors.


2 - Zodiac 12-person life rafts, .


60-Foot, Aluminum Power Catamaran. Florida titled, 2005 Azure Cat. Project vessel with much potential. Powered with twin 435 Hp Cats. Registered for commercial fishing / diving. MRV Enterprise is a research vessel. It has been used as a treasure hunting boat. This power catamaran which is also an expedition vessel, is undergoing a major refit for extended cruising and research in both near-shore and coral reef environments along Florida's coast and in Caribbean waters. Equipped with sophisticated hybrid/solar/diesel/battery system, so it may spend extended periods away from docks. 20 solar panels are directly linked to controllers that charge multiple 24 and 48-volt DC battery storage banks. They directly power 48-volt DC air-conditioning system and both 24 and 48-volt DC inverters. These inverters provide all house current needs.

MRV “Enterprise” is also equipped with a unique undersea mobile excavation and sand bypassing/transferring technology. She is capable of uncovering, hither too buried reef structures while searching for sunken treasure and can actually build beachfronts, in the process. All of this can be viewed from the comfort of her air conditioned main saloon on underwater video cameras for non-divers. She has a two story main saloon – equipped with custom Italian Made “old world” inlaid wood boardroom table. Leather sectional seating with a full modern stainless steel galley, including Jen-air, convection and induction cooking tops, and infrared grill. Two
bathrooms. Two bedrooms (master and guest). Office. Research vessels such as the Enterprise are important for studying and protecting our marine resources. It is managed and operated by the Coastal Historic Undersea Management Society. Our marine research vessel, the Enterprise has a very stable catamaran design. Its stability is superior as compared to other research vessels. This research vessel is large and spacious with an extending cruising range. It is a research boat having spent most of its life as an advance marine design platform.


16-foot Lunker Aluminum Launch with a 15 hp 4-stroke Yamaha engine


11-foot Apex ridged hull inflatable with a 6 hp 2-stroke Yamaha engine.