Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history and background of these coins?

These coins are from a Kings Messenger Ship that sank in 1660 off of Jupiter Florida's coast. It was carrying treasure. These have the Hapsburg shield and the pillars of Hercules stamped on them.

What makes these coins special?

Their date range is rare. They are of the Pillar and Wave variety - unlike those coins found on other earlier wrecks. The king ordered the mot to be closed and never to make these type coins again - after hearing of the ship wreck. These coins may have the date in up to 3 places unlike Atocha coins and the like.

Why would you want to purchase a coins?

You would actually be owing your very own "piece of history". The more expensive pieces are very valuable. You also would be buying into the passion of the event and keeping the age of discovery alive. Proceeds go to the recovery efforts.
Purchase the journal and you will know all about the coin.

Why are some coins less expensive or more expensive than others?

Smaller coins are harder to find - they sink deeper into the sand and rock. Some have more dates then others. Some have better clarity and weigh more than others.

What is the difference between a gold and silver coin?

Gold Coins: Are called escudos - Only doubloons or 2 Escudos were minted in the new world until 1686. They have a cross and Hapsburg shield design. They were not allowed to mint any larger escudos in the new world during the period of our ship wreck. There was one exception to this rule, In Lima, Peru in 1659 and 1660 a limited number of 8 escudo gold coins were struck. Some of these may be on our vessel. These will be the rarest of gold coins ever to be found on any ship wreck.

Silver:Called reale - They come in 3-4 sizes. We have the 2 reales, 4 reales, and 8 reales. Most are pillar and wave variety and were minted after 1652. These too have the cross. These coins, like silver ingots that were being minted are made from a very fine quality of silver. The purity ranges from about 92% to 98% silver with the impurities being copper or platinum depending on which mine the silver came from.

Why are some silver coins darker than others?

Original coins are over 300 yrs. old. Some coins may actually contain platinum as an alloy. The alloy mixed with silver effects the color change when coins are immersed in salt water.

Why are they odd shaped?

It was the weight not the shape that was important back then

My silver coins turned black, its this normal?

yes. All silver will turn black if exposed to chlorine. To clean - use a very little baking soda and water, then gently rub the coin.

"Aren't you afraid of someone stealing the treasure?"

Now here’s a question almost everyone asks!

The answer is: “There are easier people to rob!” “We have to dig holes you can drop the average house into – today to get to where the artifacts – coins and bullion currently may actually rest”. And, often time they may not be there! It takes a major significant capital investment and commitment to create and then mobilize and support the equipment & crews necessary to even begin to search. Then, turning them – the artifacts or coins - into money to re-capture the costs is another business in itself! Normally the telephone number value one hears about is not realized by the ones who discover the treasure – it usually passes through two or three hands before someone with marketing skills actually realizes the big numbers you hear often about.

Those with a “thief” mentality don’t like to work hard. They usually find easier people to exploit and steal from – like robbing 7 / 11’s, banks, or maybe then becoming corrupt public official and then using the public’s trust as a veil – to commit fraud in the name of the public good.

How do you plan to uncover the wreck under 45 feet of sand?

Take a look at the cross sectional drawing below. The Motor Research Vessel "Enterprise" has been especially equipped to excavate the deepest hole yet to test our present hypothesis of Where the rest of the ship may lay - undisturbed for 345 years. We are not even sure we can get to the bottom but we are explorers and undersea explorers take planned risks if they are going to blaze trails - where no man has gone before... that is, and returned to talk about it.

American privateers vs. state officials:
"Fencing with the fog."

When dealing with government agencies it is easy to get frustrated. Being very close to one's own project and project goals - your focus is right upon the issue. The public regulator is focused upon the narrow interpretation of the statute underlining their authority. When their are multiple agencies - all with separate statutes and agendas and whether you want to accept it or not, personalities .... all it takes is one miffed individual and a fog or smoke screen can be deployed - - - based upon protecting the public trust.... and all of a sudden, you find yourself jabbing and lunging head long into a white out - where the fundamental issues are all but forgotten.

That about explains the months of July and August. We lost the ability to effectively work in June because of personality issues and miss-understandings - these were put to rest at the July 8th meeting with DHR. The president of JWI, its registered agent, and all directors of JWI attended this meeting to clarify to DHR any issues related to their Division of their concern.